Officer Descriptions

Roles and Duties

Duties: The Chair of the Student Chapter is the driving force behind Student Chapter activities. The Chair has the responsibility for ensuring that the members of the Student Chapter derive the anticipated benefits from their membership. The Chair should hold regular meetings, and direct plans for activities and recruitment. The Chair must also ensure that an annual report is filed with the Assembly Director and the Assembly Representative for Student Chapters. The Chair manages the asistdu@gmail account and answers inquiries.   Required Position.

Vice Chair
Duties: The Vice Chair works closely with the Chair in planning and executing Student Chapter programs. The Chair-Elect assumes the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair’s absence. The Vice Chair actively recruits new members.  Required Position.

Duties: The Secretary plays an invaluable role in maintaining the minutes of the Student Chapter in order. These records are included in the annual report to the National Headquarters. The Secretary ensures that a sign-in sheet is available at all meetings and TechBytes. The Secretary maintains a record of all meeting and TechBytes participants.  This role has been merged with that of Treasurer in the past.

Duties: The Treasurer plays an invaluable role in maintaining the detailed financial records of the Student Chapter. These records are included in the annual report to the National Headquarters. The Treasurer purchases refreshments for meetings and TechBytes, thank you cards for speakers, and other incidental expenses. The Treasurer works with the LIS representative for COESA.  This role has been merged with that of Secretary in the past.

Program Director
Duties: The Program Director manages TechBytes Workshops and works with all the other officers to secure speakers and promote TechBytes. The Program Director books the room for TechBytes, obtains slide presentations from the speakers and writes thank you notes for the speakers. The Program Director provides telecommunications support for all events, including setting up hardware and software and testing new technologies.

Marketing Director
Duties: The Marketing Director manages DU ASIS&T’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and promotes DU ASIS&T’s events on these social media channels. The Marketing Director advises DU ASIS&T of new channels to promote events.

Web Content Manager
Duties: The Web Content Manager manages DU ASIS&T’s Portfolio and ensures that the content is current and relevant. The Web Content Manager works closely with the Marketing Director and other officers to ensure that DU ASIS&T’s online presence is consistent.

All officers assist and support each other for TechBytes and other DU ASIS&T events.

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