2014-2015 Officer Candidates

Vote for Your 2014-2015 ASIS&T Officers

Leah Leger–Chair

My name is Leah Leger I am currently working on completing my first year of my MLIS with a fellowship in early literacy hear at University of Denver.  I completed my undergraduate degree in Library Science at Southern Connecticut State University.  The library has always been a place where I go to explore and discover new ideas I look forward to helping others learn experience the wonder of the library.  I work two part time jobs one at a bookstore and the other as a nanny despite being busy I want to experience all that DU and its student organizations have to offer.

Leah Leger

Matthew Valdez–Vice Chair

Matt Valdez is a native of Southern Colorado who spent several years living outside the state before returning in 2003.  During his hiatus he worked as a chef at an upscale restaurant and acted in various stage productions.  After returning to Colorado and returning to school Matt has worked for the last few years in academic libraries.  He holds a BS in History and Philosophy and is presently pursuing his MLIS degree.  He is currently the Morgridge College of Education Technology Graduate Assistant, and works on the front lines of technology and education.

Matthew Valdez


Sara Robinson–Program Chair

Sara Robinson is a first year MLIS candidate and is interested in bioinformatics, particularly genomics, proteomics,
and systems biology. Raised in Vail, Colorado, Sara holds a BA in History from Creighton University and currently
works as a medical secretary in the emergency department at Vail Valley Medical Center. Formerly intimidated by
technology, she is eager to learn and share all that ASIS&T has to offer! When not otherwise occupied, Sara loves
to play outside, fly imaginary airplanes with her nephew, and make a mess in the kitchen.

Sara Robinson


Kimberly DeRosa–Secretary

I am currently in my first year of the LIS program and I am very interested in technology. I am not completely sure which library career path I would like to follow, but right now I am looking at public libraries or digital libraries.  I am currently enrolled in Web Content Management this quarter and I have already taken the core Library and Information Technology class.
I currently work full time at the Community College of Denver in the Transfer Success Center as the administrative assistant.  I do more than just schedule appointments and answer the phone; this past year I helped spear-head our marketing campaign, created a short email communication training for my department, created a digital story, supported and created purchase requisitions, procurement card purchases, record keeping of fiscal purchases, support in proper fiscal procedures and documentation, researched, supported, ordered/reserved rooms and food for programming events put on by the Transfer Success Center, and as member of the Transfer Initiative Work Group (collaboration of the 13 Colorado community colleges), researched, supported, ordered/reserved rooms for the first Colorado State-Wide Transfer Conference.  These are some of the tasks I’ve undertaken among many other daily duties.
My learning style is reading and writing; I believe this has helped me throughout my undergraduate and professional experiences by the detailed notes I take.  These allow me to learn and remember the information I receive.
Kimberly DeRosa


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