Showcase Week 5: Josh Davies

Title: Technology Specialist and Website Administrator at the Morgridge College of Education

Basic Story: Josh began the design of the Morgridge Website in his Information Architecture class taught by Alex Martinez. Morgridge was in the midst of building a brand new website with an outside company. Alex Martinez, who teaches the IA class, tasked Katie Yashiro, Julia Blaze, and Josh with doing our own design for the Morgridge website. During said project we compiled extensive data from Usability Testing, Site Auditing, and  Stakeholder interviews. We then developed Site Maps and Wireframes using our data. All of this information and our designs were presented to Morgridge Faculty and Staff, including Dean Greg Anderson. Our design was so well received that Morgridge canceled the contract with the design firm and I was asked to build the website along with Alex Martinez. Alex and I built the site over the summer and when the release date came around I was asked to join the Morgridge staff as the new Website Administrator.

Advice: As an Information Scientist chances are you will not be programming, coding, or development. Nor will you be creating text, image, or video content. Our job is to make sure ALL content is displayed and organized in a manner which address the needs of website users, developers, and owners. This means you are the individual who brings the needs of the programmers, artists, users, and stakeholders together. You have to be able to understand the needs of all participants and then articulate those needs into a structure that will best suit those needs. You will become the users advocate and their voice.  You will have to understand what the purpose of the website is and how the “owners” want the site to function. You will also have to understand the limitations and restrictions that the programmers work within. To that end User Experience design (UX) and Information Architecture (IA) are your most important skill sets. You will rely heavily on communication skills to interact with individuals. You pair your ability to listen and deduct user needs with an intimate knowledge of web design to form the foundation for your websites.

Classes to take that will help you be like Josh:

  • Web Content Management: Understanding how content is organized, displayed and used on the internet is key to working with websites. The first site I built from the ground up was done in this class which covered HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Content Management Systems.
  • Usability: An extensive class on Usability and User Centered Design. User Experience Design is an incredibly important skill for today’s Web Content Managers, Information Architects, and Web Developers. This class teaches individuals how to measure User needs and how to articulate those needs to project leaders and stakeholders.
  • Understanding the Info User: A basic class that defines how users interact with information. While not web design specific, it was a great starting point for explaining who individuals interact with information.
  • Digital Objects & Colletions: You need to understand all the different formats of digital media and how they work into the web world. This class was incredibly helpful in defining viable web content types and how they can be presented
  • Information Architecture: The architecture and design of a site is key to a good user experience. This class compiled many of the skills I learned in other classes into one grand project.

If you would like to reach out to Josh and learn more about his academic and professional experience, email him at:


We are still accepting applications, so if you would like to be like Josh and have your experience showcased, please send an email to: with the following information:

  • Name
  • Area of interest (e.g. web content management, archives, school librarianship, etc.)
  • A short (3-5 sentences) description of your LIS experience/project, including why it was a positive experience.
  • An e-mail address where you can be contacted.
  • A photo of you (optional).

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