Showcase Week 2: Max Miller


 Showcase Week 2: Max Miller


Spring 2013 Graduate

Interests: Digital Collections/Preservation, Archives


National Baseball Hall of Fame – Photo Archives Intern
I spent ten weeks in Cooperstown, New York as part of the Frank and Peggy Steele Internship Program for Youth Leadership working in the photo archives. Not only was I able to continue to develop library and digital photo/image skills, including metadata creation, post-production in Adobe Photoshop, and cataloging using collections management and ILS software, but I was introduced to a broad array of other activities that take place in museums. This included researching and developing a short program spotlighting two artifacts from the museum’s collections, researching and writing short pieces for the Hall of Fame website, and helping out with special events, including Hall of Fame Classic Weekend and Hall of Fame Induction Week. There were also plenty of opportunities for networking with alumni of the program and other professionals both in and out of baseball, and in our downtime we were able to travel a bit since it’s close to the major cities in the northeast.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science
I spent roughly two years helping René Payne, the Image Archivist at DMNS with several processing and digitization projects. Duties included processing of a couple of collections, including rehousing and description of the materials using museum-specific collections management software (first ARGUS and now KE Emu). I also digitized two collections which involved preparation of the materials (glass plate negatives, lantern slides, and various prints), scanning, post-production of access images, metadata creation (both embedded and for batch upload) and ingest of collections using Luna software. I also learned at least as much from the digitization workflows used in the department, as they are tailored to very different goals than what you learn in digitization courses at DU.

American Alpine Club Library
Under Elizabeth Surles the Digitization Archivist, I pursued a much more “traditional” archival experience for my practicum. I was responsible for processing a small collection (4-5 linear feet), which included rehousing, description according to DACS, and creation of a finding aid using the library’s new CollectiveAccess installation. I also did some work to help ensure that my description was compatible with EAD, and documented the use of the CollectiveAccess back end for future reference.

You can contact Max at

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