2013-2014 Officer Candidates

Please use these bios to learn about the candidates running for 2013-2014 officer positions. Then use our survey to vote for each position.

Gina Schlesselman-Tarango – running for Chair
Gina Schlesselman-TarangoGina Schlesselman-Tarango, who hails from small-town Iowa, has lived in Denver since 2009. She holds a BA in Sociology and Anthropology and a Master’s of Social Sciences. She currently works as a graduate teaching assistant at DU’s University Libraries Research Center and is excited about using technology to help others discover and create knowledge. Gina is running for Chair and is confident that she can use her leadership skills and creativity to continue to deliver great programming to the DU community.

Sylvia Smith – running for Vice Chair
Sylvia Smith
A low-key Texan with outdoorsy and vegetarian stylings, Sylvia looks forward to spontaneous overflows of conviviality.  Having entered the MLIS program after a short career as a software developer, she enjoys being a nerd and helping people immerse themselves in the inescapable and endlessly fascinating chasm of emerging technologies.  She’s running for vice chair, and hopes to be able to bring her strong organizational and jumping-in-and-getting-hands-dirty skills to this job in order to keep ASIS&T DU the awesome student group it currently is!

Jennifer Baldwin – running for Program Director
Jen BaldwinHi everyone, I’m Jennifer (or Jen) and I’ll be running for the position of ASIS&T ProgramDirector. This is my first year in the LIS program and so far I’m on the academic library track.I’ve also recently discovered how much I enjoy outreach services and how important they are to academic libraries. I have been looking for opportunities to become more involved in activities with my fellow students, and becoming an officer in ASIS&T looks like a great way to accomplish this. I’m running for the Program Director position because it entails much of what is required of me while working in tech support for MCE—I am familiar with the classroom and Commons technology, as well as the process of booking rooms for events, and what equipment is available for check-out to support those events. In addition, I am enthusiastic concerning outreach services for any organization, so I believe I would be ideal for promoting events and securing speakers. If I am elected as the ASIS&T Program Director, I know that there will be a lot to learn in the coming months, but I look forward to both the challenges and the opportunities that this role would bring.

Wendy Thomas – running for Secretary and Treasurer
Wendy ThomasMy name is Wendy Thomas and I am a first-year MLIS student at DU.  I decided to pursue an MLIS degree because in my current and past lives as a bookkeeper and school secretary, I have enjoyed managing large volumes of information; I just lacked the technological know-how and tools to take it to the next level. ASIS&T has helped me experience a wide range of technologies this year and my interest in being the secretary and treasurer of DU’s ASIS&T stems from these great educational opportunities. From the Tech Bytes to the Tech Bootcamp, I have learned so much and I would like to be instrumental in presenting these programs to students in the next academic year. For the past seven years I have been a secretary at a Jefferson County K-12 charter school and for the ten years prior to that I was a bookkeeper for two small businesses. My relevant experience (I have loads of irrelevant experience!) includes management of student records, management of records for various school committees, documentation of staff and administrative meetings, documentation of emergency building and medical situations and management of financial records. I will bring these same skills to the table for ASIS&T along with a commitment to support the other officers, as well as my fellow MLIS students, in the pursuit and presentation of technological knowledge. I would love to contribute to this service-driven team as the secretary and treasurer and look forward to another year of great programs! 

Rachel Garfield-Levine – running for Marketing Director
Rachel Garfield-LevineMy name is Rachel Garfield-Levine, and I am interested in running for the position of Marketing Director with ASIS&T DU. I have been interested in and active with social media for several years, and am constantly trying to stay on the cutting edge of new social media platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In addition, I am very interested in outreach librarianship, and I would love to further explore the possibilities of combining the two and using social media as a platform to reach new audiences for libraries and information technologies. I believe the two will continue to converge, as the population of users with smartphones and social media access seems to be constantly growing. I would be very interested to work with ASIS&T DU in a social media aspect and hone my skills, as well as providing further outreach and publicity possibilities for the organization.

Julia Havelick – running for Web Content Manager
Julia HavelickMy name is Julia Havelick, and I am a second-year LIS student, with an expected graduation date of June, 2014. I am currently the DU ASIS&T Web Content Manager, where I manage the content on the DU ASIS&T Web Site. I am running for this position again because I feel i have the necessary experience as Web Content Manager and former Content Writer for a legal web site. I am familiar with Content Management Systems (CMS) and managing content on various social media site (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

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