TechBytes: The Library as a Start-up: Using NoSQL, MARCR, and HTML5 Apps for managing a modern Bibliographic Datastore

Please, join us for the last TechBytes of the Fall Quarter! Details below:

Title: The Library as a Start-up: Using NoSQL, MARCR, and HTML5 Apps for managing a modern Bibliographic Datastore

Speaker: Jeremy Nelson, Metadata/Systems Librarian at Colorado College
When: Monday, November 5, 2012 6:25pm-6:55pm

Where: KRH 305 or online at

Description: Library Systems and cutting-edge technology used by Silicon Valley start-ups are not often associated with each other; however, the Tutt Library at Colorado College is developing and uses a HTML5 mobile app environment that connects to a bibliographic datastore server implemented in Redis. Redis is a popular NoSQL key-value technology used by such companies as StackOverflow, Craigslist, and other websites with extremely high and demanding data needs. The flexibility of Redis allows the library to quickly respond to staff and users requests for different functionality and access points that would be very difficult or impossible with traditional library systems. Redis also allows for easy experimentation and so it is the first production-level implementation of the Library of Congress Bibliographic Framework’s new data model, MARCR.  Finally, a preview of a consortium-level bibliographic Redis datastore done in collaboration with the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, will presented that allows for new and different kinds mobile-based access and discovery apps along with resource-sharing services for library users and staff.

Short bio: Jeremy Nelson is the current Metadata and Systems Librarian at Colorado College. As a working librarian, his research focus is on designing, developing, and using open-souce library systems to address some of the challenges facing the active library. Before receiving his MS in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois in 2003, Jeremy worked as project manager and programmer at a number of software companies in the financial services and online education industries. Prior to Colorado College, Jeremy worked as a librarian at the University of Utah and at Western State College (now Western State Colorado University) .

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