The University of Denver’s (DU) Student Chapter of ASIS&T reports to the international Association for Information Science & Technology. While ASIS&T National members vary in information and technology fields, they share a common passion and goal for improving the way society handles the retrieval and access, preservation, management and dissemination of information. Along with the head organization, our Chapter is also focused on leading the search for new and better technologies, techniques, and theories – so as to improve access to information.

Here at DU, the ASIS&T Student Chapter (or simply, ASIS&T – DU) facilitates learning and development of technology and information skills via  TechBytes, a series of short presentations – about 20-25 minutes long – designed to introduce audiences to new and innovative technologies and tech-related issues. Primarily geared towards DU’s Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals, all students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend our events.

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If you are interested in technology and want to learn (even) more about our organization, join us at our next event and/or contact us at asistdu@gmail.com!

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